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If we take propagation to mean 'increase by natural process' then, for our purposes, it could include, broadly, seed, division, and purchasing.

Seed - the Branch is not involved in organising seed in any way - no collection, no lists, and no distribution. Excellent facilities are provided for that by BCSS.

Seed Sowing - for comprehensive coverage click here

Division - for cuttings, grafting etc click here

Purchasing - for the serious enthusiast this is the easy route. You can do it online through some of the excellent specialist nurseries such as Abbey Brook, or Hollygate. Accurately named young seedlings can be bought, and postal charges are not so high. Mature specimen plants may cost 25-50 and more. These nurseries often have stands at large flower shows such as Ayr and the Royal Highland for even better bargains. Another easy and affordable option is to visit a Branch Show, or even a meeting, where surplus members' plants are usually available quite cheaply. These are excellent plants, sometimes quite large, accurately named, even specimens on occasions, and therefore expensive from other sources. They become available because the active and expert members are practicing propagation all the time in pursuit of new plants for exhibiting and want to make space for them.

Meristem Culture - there is one other cultural method which should be included for completeness, even though it is not for the potting shed, and may not have been applied to cactus and succulents. It needs the sterility of a plant physiology laboratory. For details see Appendix.

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